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Choose our team of perfectionists for the perfect audio and visual system for your church, school, or business. Work with professionals who have a keen ear for sound and a determined mind for details. For the ideal sound systems you seek, work with our skilled custom electric system design professionals. Whether we are working on a custom sound system design or setting up an area for your visual entertainment needs, our team gets you the amazing results you want and need.

Achieve the exceptional level of sound quality and clarity in your performance space that your guests demand when you take advantage of the custom electric system design we offer our clients. If you are building a new auditorium or concert hall, the success of any performance held there depends on an efficient use of acoustics. The sound system for your establishment must be able to deliver crisp and clear sound to every inch of space that spectators may occupy. Our company delivers both custom electric system design and installation for a broad array of organizations.

Take advantage of our deep understanding of acoustics and the latest advances in audio-visual technology when you need an entertainment system that delivers the best results possible. We put you in control of the design process, so you can be confident in the finished product. Our extensive experience and creative approach ensures that your audio system sets the standard among your peers.

An Affordable Custom Sound System Is Possible

Get an affordable custom sound system without spending a fortune by teaming up with our company. Whether you have a small existing auditorium, or you are building a new concert hall or training center, our company is capable of designing an affordable custom sound system for you.

With our flexible approach to design and installation, we are better able to create a system that meets your needs. Your guests will never miss a moment of any performance or presentation, and we keep the costs for your project under control. We are committed to working within your timelines and expectations, so you can always be assured that our projects will be completed on time and under budget.

Blueprint in St. Louis, MO

You never have to settle for substandard audio quality in order to get your project completed on time. We not only design and install every aspect of your audio and visual entertainment system, but also ensure that it works according to design. Our team carefully calibrates your video system, and we troubleshoot your control systems so that you have everything at your fingertips.

A Custom Visual Design Service Makes a Difference

Experience the difference that comes from our integrated custom visual design service. Video displays are an essential part of any performance space, and our team understands how to calibrate these displays for optimal clarity. This synergy of audio and visual clarity helps you create the best possible experience for those you are communicating with.

Remain in control of your project costs and eliminate the issues that cause poor visual quality at the design stage with the help of our custom visual design service. The visual aspect of your entertainment system is as important as the clarity of your sound and acoustics. No matter how spectacular the quality of your sound system, if it doesn’t match the video experience you won’t connect fully with your guests.

Every aspect of your entertainment system must work in concert, and our team of design specialists understands how to optimize these components. We also focus on training you how to utilize your system the right way. Our technicians provide you with the training you need for optimal care of your system as well. An audio-visual system for a large performance space is a complex machine that requires care and maintenance. Get the most out of your system after the installation is complete.

Benefits of a Superior Sound System Design

Improve the sound situation at your home, church, school, or business with our superior custom sound system design services. Our team designs and installs a system that meets your exact audio and video needs. We also make sure that all of the components of your brand-new system are properly commissioned and debugged before we leave.

We not only spend the needed amount of time during the design stage, but also at the critical final stage where attention to detail is so important. This includes final sound system adjustments and voicing, video system calibration, and control system debugging. Our technicians also provide training on the use and care of your new system. Count on us to provide you with a sound system design that benefits you in all of the following ways:

  • Systems Tailored to Meet Your Specific Needs
  • Unique Buying Experience That Promotes Synergy and Quality
  • A Process That Keeps You in Control of Costs
  • Promotes Flexibility and Creativity in Designs
  • Streamlines Communication Process
  • Eliminates Poor Quality Systems at the Design Stage
  • Proper System Commissioning and Debugging

A public address system that helps you deliver your message begins with our sound system design planning process. Getting the right system for your space is critical, and we focus on asking you the important questions about your needs. Not every space has the same needs, and not every organization needs the same type of sound system.

Work with a team that utilizes the most advanced software for our custom electric system design process. We create simulations using programs such as EASE™, which helps us understand how sound should be heard throughout your space. This program allows us to create accurate simulations that help us design the perfect system for your organization.

With the best tools for designing systems that take advantage of your building acoustics, we are better able to get the most out of your operating budget. We have the capability of fine-tuning any existing system you have as well. When you need an audio-visual system that works for you, contact our team to start the planning process today.

Everyone Is in on the Action

Impress everyone that walks through your doors with a system designed to fill your space perfectly. Audio system design goes well beyond simply hanging speakers and plugging in a soundboard. Every inch of your performance space should be addressed and tested by technicians who understand the nature of sound.

Our team does more than just pull wires and plug in amplifiers. We begin our process with a free consultation that includes a full walk-through of the space involved. We focus on your complete satisfaction, and that means we are with you for every step of the process. From initial design to final implementation, we are there ensuring that no detail is left to chance. We create a design for your performance space that takes advantage of every inch, and we stay with you until the curtain drops and the audience cheers.

Contact us today today for a free on-site consultation with one of our custom electric system design specialists. We proudly serve customers throughout St. Louis, Chesterfield, Ballwin, Manchester, and Kirkwood, Missouri, and surrounding communities.

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