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School Sound and Video in St. Louis, MO

From grade schools to large universities, we have worked with many institutions of learning during our numerous years in business. Each institution, small or large, has a unique set of needs and requirements, and our combination of skills and expertise are of great benefit to schools. We offer facility-wide management solutions for school sound and video equipment as well as other building systems, and we provide all of the following high-quality products and services to all educational organizations:

  • Gymnasium Sound Systems
  • Outdoor Sound Systems (Sports and Related)
  • Theater Sound and Video Systems
  • Music Room Acoustics and Electronics
  • Acoustics and Room Treatment
  • Classroom Presentation Systems
  • Control and Automation
  • Video Surveillance
  • ADA Compliance
  • Networking and Wi-Fi

School A/V Systems for Any Situation

When you need to wire the hallways and auditoriums of your school for sound, there is no other company in the area that offers our outstanding combination of affordable rates and top-quality services. Whether you want to be able to broadcast announcements in the morning throughout your entire building and portable classrooms on campus or you need to let your voice be heard in the auditorium during rallies and other activities, we are here for you. Our professionals offer state-of-the-art school A/V systems for any specific need.

Whether you need video surveillance for school security, a classroom presentation system, or a new sound system for the gymnasium, stadium, or theater, we can help. Let the school video and audio experts from our company take care of your school’s needs.

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Need to Set Up Your School Sound System?

Our staff of experienced technicians knows that you want the very best for your school. The school sound system engineers from our company have years of experience in wiring audio and video systems that take campus audio and video productions to a new level. In addition, we use brand-name equipment from first-rate manufacturers when we set up your production equipment.

Invite our sound and video technicians to visit your campus. Let us know your requirements, budget, and expectations for the sound quality you want us to help your school achieve. Because we remain the most affordable school sound system professionals in the area, you cannot go wrong when you give us a call for school video and audio wiring and setup services.

At our company, we use advanced measurement and computer simulation to design school sound systems for critical areas like gymnasiums, theaters, and sports stadiums. We understand that room acoustics are the key factor in designing any sound system and we excel in this area. We also understand the importance of reliability and ease-of-use when designing and implementing any solution for use in a school environment. Rely on our many years of experience to make speakers and bands inside your school sound clear, smooth, and flawless.

Staying Ahead of the Technological Curve

Technology has evolved at a phenomenal pace over the last few years. The use of school A/V systems has become an integral part of learning and expression throughout the world. The wide range of technology available in the audio/visual arena has applications in all areas of school operations, both creative and fundamental. Whether you wish to give your students the chance to host their own morning news show on a closed-circuit television system or simply make every spring theatrical production look like a professional, show-stopping hit, our team of experts has the knowledge and skill needed to install your new school sound system with the utmost efficiency and speed.

Making Your Dream A/V System a Reality

Do you need a state-of-the-art school A/V system for your facility that is also kind to your budget? Then look no further than our crew of experienced professionals. We work directly with you to find the perfect sound and video system for your school that suits your specific needs and budget. Along with our highly trained team of design professionals, we do everything possible to get you the electrical and entertainment equipment you need for your school grounds.

Raising the Bar with Our Commitment to Quality Service

When it comes to streamlined equipment and excellent customer service, our company is proud to be at the forefront of the audio/visual industry. By working with our friendly staff for your school sound system design needs, you never have to worry about any guesswork when it comes to installing your equipment. We utilize our industry knowledge as well as our vast network of audio/visual professionals to ensure you receive the exact system you need at the price you can afford. Although we provide you with the creative and technical aspects of your school A/V system, you always have the final say in every decision.

From your desired concept and the initial consultation to the final walk-through of your completed school sound system installation, our team of specialists is with you throughout every step of the process for your utmost satisfaction. We are committed to providing the highest quality, customized service for every client, making sure to give you the detailed, personalized attention you need and deserve. When you work with us, you work with a team of design experts that truly cares about your audio/visual needs. We do everything possible to design and construct your system with precision every time.

Contact us today to enhance your facility with a state-of-the-art school sound and video system. We proudly service clients throughout St. Louis, MO, as well as Chesterfield, Ballwin, Manchester, and Kirkwood, IL.

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